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At AB Engineering, our mission is rooted in a commitment to excellence and unwavering customer satisfaction. We take pride in our ability to harness the collective expertise of our highly skilled engineering team, both at home and abroad, to provide our clients with a competitive edge in the ever-evolving marketplace.

Our Core Services

Surveys Phase

The start of the engineering process enables designers to propose the most clients. From aerial and underground to bridge attachments options, all are consedered, captured in the field and passed on to engineering for assessment.

Drafting Phase

Based on field analysis, records and plates are acquired from all applicable municipalities. This will further enhance the ability to determine the best (and least cost) route option.

Permitting Phase

When applicable, applications are prepared before the drawing is approved. This allows submittal on the same day as design approval, ensuring quicker turnaround times. Consistent follow‐up by the permit team until approved.

As‐Built Phase

Upon construction completion, Engineering we will prepare the as‐builts so permits may then be closed. This maintaining a positive relationship with all municipalities.

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